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Dean is who's vessel?
Who are Harry Spangler and Ed Zeddmore?
Bobby lives in what state?
What is the name of Sam and Dean's half brother?
Bobby Singer owns what kind of business?
What is Sam afraid of?
Azazel's eyes are what colour?
In which episode are demons first seen?
Who is Chuck Shurley a.k.a. Carver Edlund?
Who is the Trickster really?
Sam is who's vessel?
Who pulled Dean out of Hell?
What does Dean call Sam?
In what state were Sam and Dean born?
Dean's birth month?
Jo Harvelle was killed by what?
Who goes to Hell in the end of season 3?
Sam's birth month?
What model is the 'Metallicar'?
What is Castiel's vessel's name?

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