Artists' Birth Countries

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Can you name the country of birth of these famous artists?

Updated Feb 17, 2012

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Artist's NameCountry of BirthBirth Year
Shen Zhou1427
Leonardo da Vinci1452
Albrecht Durer1471
El Greco1541
Peter Paul Rubens1577
Jeong Seon1676
Angelica Kauffmann1741
William Blake1757
Katsushika Hokusai1760
Claude Monet1840
Mary Cassatt1844
Vincent van Gogh1853
Alphonse Mucha1860
Gustav Klimt1862
Edvard Munch1863
Camille Claudel1864
Vassily Kandinsky1866
Artist's NameCountry of BirthBirth Year
Kathe Kollwitz1867
Piet Mondrian1872
Tom Thomson1877
Norman Lindsay1879
Pablo Picasso1881
Tarsila do Amaral1886
Marc Chagall1887
Hassan Fathy1900
Alberto Giacometti1901
Salvador Dali1904
Frida Kahlo1907
Francis Bacon1909
Amrita Sher-Gil1913
Andy Warhol1928
Yoko Ono1933
Ana Mendieta1948
Mona Hatoum1952

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