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How could something so right...4 words
This place rings with echoes of, lives once lived...4 words
All smiles and sunshine... 7 words
A new problem, we cannot stop them, we're...3 words
I've traveled in darkness... 5 words
Go on alone, 'cause I won't follow. But this isn't giving up...5 words
Spin out of control. Try to recover... 5 words
When enough is enough that's when you know...4 words
But I can help you if you can...3 words
LyricAnswerNumber of Words
God grant me the strength to...4 words
We’re meant for something more than living just to put food on our plates. I can’t help but wonder...4 worlds
Take me, From this world, Save me, What if...4 words
What God would damn a heart? And what God...3 words
If you never meant to leave... 6 words
And if my hand could block the sun...5 words
So tell me now, If this ain't love...6 words
My hands are soaking in the blood of angels...5 words

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