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My hands are soaking in the blood of angels...5 words
If you never meant to leave... 6 words
So tell me now, If this ain't love...6 words
Take me, From this world, Save me, What if...4 words
And if my hand could block the sun...5 words
But I can help you if you can...3 words
God grant me the strength to...4 words
We’re meant for something more than living just to put food on our plates. I can’t help but wonder...4 worlds
All smiles and sunshine... 7 words
LyricAnswerNumber of Words
This place rings with echoes of, lives once lived...4 words
Go on alone, 'cause I won't follow. But this isn't giving up...5 words
A new problem, we cannot stop them, we're...3 words
What God would damn a heart? And what God...3 words
How could something so right...4 words
When enough is enough that's when you know...4 words
Spin out of control. Try to recover... 5 words
I've traveled in darkness... 5 words

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