Classes of Invertebrate Phyla

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Arthropoda - extinct
Brachiopoda (hinged shell)
Platyhelminthes - free living
Hemichordates - colonial
Echinodermata - Sea lillies
Echinodermata - Sea Stars
Platyhelminthes - Complex Life cycle/multiple hosts
Cnidaria - Stalked Jellies
Cnidaria - Anenomes
Annelida -formerly own Phyla. U-shaped gut
Cnidaria - Box Jellies
Ctenophora - 2 tentacles
Rotifera - One Ovary
Cndaria - True Jellies
Arthropoda - Mandibulata (Insects)
Echinodermata - Basket stars
Arthropoda - Mandibulata (crabs/lobsters)
Mollusca - vermiform shape
Cnidaria - Hydroids
Chordates - sea squirts
Mollusca - snails. have operculum
Annelida - parapodia for movment/gas exchange. Lethal Spawning events
Brachiopoda (non-hinged shell)
Platyhelminthes - tapeworms
Arthropoda - Chelicerata (spiders)
Platyhelminthes - Ectoparasites
Echinodermata - Sea Cucumbers
Annelida - Hermaphroditic. Clitellum for sperm transfer
Echinodermata - Urchins
Nemertea - No stylet on Probosis
Rotifera - Marine symbionts
Mollusca - 7 to 8 plates in mantle
Mollusca - squid
Porifera - 6-rayed Spicules
Nemertea - Probosis with Stylet
Mollusca - lack radula. Clams
Annelida - degenerate. Loss of segmentation
Porifera - Freshwater and Marine
Porifera - CaCo3 spicules
Arthropoda - Chelicerata (horse shoe Crabs)
Arthropoda - Chelicerata (sea spiders)
Ctenophora - No tentacles
Mollusca - tusk shaped shells. Lack Ctenidia and Osphradia
Chordates - Amphioxus
Mollusca - 3-6 pairs of ctenidia, 6-7 pairs of nephridia
Rotifera - Asexual
Hemichordates - peanut worms

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