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Can you name the John Cusack movie based on the haiku?

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So in love with her- stand outside and play boombox- avoid broken glass
Bruckheimer movie- John Malkovich bad ass guy- US Marshal Vince
Give me two dollars- Skiing action with french girl- Tries to die a lot
Nick Hornby novel- that is a Cosby sweater- Hard Days Night cover
Spike Jonze and Kaufman- Mind-body dichotomy-Plays a puppeteer
Murder at motel-Inspired by Agatha-Lots of crazy folks
State of Michigan-Comedy film with hit man- Also Minnie D
Scary Stephen King- Haunted hotel room, say what?- Bad ass Sam Jackson
Running for Congress- Turns kind of mean and crooked- James Spader is cute
Another King book-He is in this film? oh yeah.- Is a song title

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