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Can you name the following geographic features of South America?

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Largest of the Galapagos Islands
City at confluence of Negro & Solimões* Rivers
Water body south of the Gulf of Venezuela
Peru's & Bolivia's 2nd most spoken language
Country with the lowest % urban population
Archipelago northeast of Tierra del Fuego
Highest mountain
Asunción lies on the bank of this river
Capital of French Guiana
Modern city that was capital of the Inca Empire
Angel Falls can be found in these highlands
Argentina's southernmost city
Plateau region S of Argentina's Colorado River
Rio de Janeiro overlooks this bay
Water body separating TF** from the mainland
Large wetland covering southwest Brazil
Largest lake of the Altiplano
Tepui bordering Brazil, Guyana, & Venezuela
15 c. treaty divided SA*** into 2 unequal parts
Desert covering much of northern Chile
Pablo Escobar headed a drug cartel in this city
Majority ethnic group in Suriname
Largest Brazilian state
Estuary bordering Buenos Aires & Montevideo
Venezuela's longest river
Bolivia's capitals of La Paz and this one
Capital of Guyana
River serving as Paraguay's southeast border
Grassland plain covering much of NE Argentina
Largest city

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