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Can you name the following geographic features of Oceania?

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Country suspended from Pacific Islands Forum
Country controlling Guam
Largest island south of North Island
Fiji's largest island
Oceanic country with 'easternmost' territory*
Body of water west of Cape York Peninsula
Highest peak in the Southern Alps
Longest river
Desert north of the Nullarbor Plain
Reef hugging much of Australia's NE coast
Sound encompassed by the Solomon Islands
Country controlling New Caledonia
Capital of Papua New Guinea
Regions of Micronesia, Polynesia, and this one
Largest island in French Polynesia
Largest archipelago of French Polynesia
Island chain containing Tarawa
Archipelago owned by Micronesia and Palau
Largest sea
Largest city in South Australia
Australian state/territory with most Aborigines
Body of water dividing Tasmania and Australia
Capital closest to 180 degrees longitude
New Zealand's third largest island
Sea between Australia and New Zealand
(Type of) Government of Tonga
Island separating Bismarck and Solomon Seas
Indigenous people of New Zealand
Currency of Nauru
It** accepted Uyghur Guantanamo immigrants

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