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Chichen Itza resides on this peninsula
Water body east of Baja California
Capital of Puerto Rico
Water body: Parts mainland Canada & Greenland
River cutting through the Grand Canyon
Largest Canadian Island
Aztec Empire fell to Cort├ęs at this city in 1521
Haiti & Dominican Republic lie on this island
Isles between Leeward Antilles & Leeward Islands
Canada's Largest Lake***
Mountain Range resting along east N. America
Highest Mountain
Largest Port City on the Gulf of Mexico
Grassland area of central-west US & Canada
US state bordered by Montana and Oregon
Only Country w/o Atlantic or Caribbean coastline
This in E. Panama stops road links w/ N.&S. A.*
Island chain enclosing the Bering Sea
Largest settlement north of Arctic Circle
Largest Mexican State
USA's largest city stands at this river's mouth
Mountain Range running down Eastern Mexico
Currency of Grenada, Dominica, St. Lucia, et al.
Mackenzie R. spills out into this water body
Dutch Leeward Antilles' Aruba, Bonaire & this**
Most Populous American Indian Tribe (U.S.)
Capital of Greenland
Manitoulin Island can be found in this lake
Easternmost Capital City (of sovereign state)
Most recent city to host the Olympics

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