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Can you name the following geographic features of Europe?

Updated Jul 11, 2016

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Most recent city to host the Summer Olympics
Peninsula on which Denmark lies
Highest mountain in EU
Largest island in Greece
Sea partially enclosed by Sardinia and Sicily
Russian exclave between Lithuania and Poland
River which St. Petersburg sits at the mouth of
Country controlling the Balearic Islands
Archipelago bearing UK's northernmost point
Largest island in the United Kingdom
River forming Liechtenstein's western border
Last capital through which the Danube passes
Country with highest population of Samis
Capital which partially lies on Zealand
Body of water surrounding Gotland
Country with the highest per capita GNI*
Sea partially enclosed by Crimean Peninsula
Most common religion in Ireland
Country between Ukraine and Romania
Water body between Sweden and Finland
Largest bordering country of Hungary
River which Lisbon sits at the mouth of
Mountain range between France and Spain
Largest city north of Arctic Circle
Mountain range running the length of Italy
Largest exporter of goods
Largest lake
Country through which the Po River runs
Country with highest percentage of Muslims
Capital of Estonia

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