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Large sand desert of Southern Arabia
Jakarta resides on the edge of this island
Country formerly known as East Pakistan**
Chennai & Chittagong both lie on this water body
Indian mountain range W of the Eastern Ghats
Island chain 'linking' Hokkaido w/ Kamchatka
Most spoken language in Pakistan
Water body located between Vietnam & Brunei
Strip of land separating Tajikistan & Pakistan
Yakutsk can be found alongside this river
Mountain range running down western Iran
With 1 int'l airport, there's a dragon on its flag
This & the West Bank are Palestinian Territories
Kuala Lumpur can be found on this peninsula
This port city sits at Asia's longest river's mouth
Country w/ W border oft set by the Mekong R.
River dividing northeastern China from Russia
The exclave of Musandam sits on this strait
The Jordan River empties into this water body
Region of N Iraq, SE Turkey, NE Syria, & NW Iran
Largest island in the Philippines
Largest port city on the Red Sea
China's largest territorial division***
Most common religious denomination in Iran
Prominent ruler who came to power in 1206
Highest peak of the Karakoram Range
Kazakhstan's largest lake*
2011 Syrian President
Capital of Japan prior to Tokyo
Capital of Turkmenistan

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