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Can you name the following geographic features of Antarctica?

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Largest native animal that could be found on land
Water body East of the Antarctic Peninsula
Bay serving as Amundsen's disembarkation spot
Water body East of the Amundsen Sea
Largest* Community; it's located approx. 166ºE
Largest swath of unclaimed territory
Island Chain just N of the Antarctic Peninsula
The South Pole can be found on this plateau
Land to the West of the Ronne Ice Shelf
Australian claimed territory W of Adélie Land
Largest Island
Highest Point of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet
Land S of Graham Land on Antarctic Peninsula
Ocean Current encircling Antarctica
Transcontinental Range parting E & W Antarctica
Highest Mountain
Water body between Antarctica & S. America
Southernmost community/research station
Mountain cluster in UK/Argentine/Chilean Claims
Isolated barren rock peak(s) in a snow/ice area
Largest Lake**
Berkner I.*** divides Ronne Ice Shelf & this one
Year the Antarctic Treaty came into effect
Mainland territory claimed by Norway
Southernmost Volcano
Sea between West & Shackleton Ice Shelves
Largest Ice Shelf
Big, East Antarctica Ice Shelf found at 70ºS 70ºE
Last country to make a territorial claim (1942)
Largest species of penguin

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