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Can you name the following geographic features of Africa?

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South African river forming border w/ Namibia
Spanish exclave cities of Ceuta and this one
Country controlling Zanzibar
Desert covering southwest Botswana
Mountain range covering northwestern Chad
Mountain range dominating northwest Africa
Archipelago north of Western Sahara's shores
Channel between Madagascar & Mozambique
River containing Victoria Falls
Body of water north of the Horn of Africa
Great Lake on Kenya's western border
Largest subsaharan city
Source of the Blue Nile
Country with the highest HIV/AIDS rate
Majority ethnic group in Rwanda
Ugandan rebellious group led by Joseph Kony
Southernmost point
Capital offshore from its mainland country
Gulf off the coasts of Benin and Cameroon
Natural border between Tanzania and DRC*
Capital at confluence of Blue and White Niles
Coastal country between Eritrea and Somalia
Semiarid transition zone south of the Sahara
River that runs through Bamako
Country bordered entirely by South Africa
Country with the highest per capita GNI***
Highest mountain
Angolan exclave between DRC* & the Congo**
Manmade structure which created Lake Nasser
Peninsula east of the Gulf of Suez

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