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#AnswerFormation Year and 3 Albums
A1970 ▪Pump▪ ▪Permanent Vacation▪ ▪Done With Mirrors▪
A1983 ▪Sign In Please▪ ▪That's the Stuff▪ ▪Loud and Clear▪
B1985 ▪Boys In Heat▪ ▪Bite Down Hard▪ ▪Springhead Motorshark▪
B1983 ▪Slippery When Wet▪ ▪New Jersey▪ ▪Keep the Faith▪
B1988 ▪Nothing Scared▪ ▪Live In Your Face▪ ▪American Blitzkrieg▪
C1983 ▪Long Cold Winter▪ ▪Night Songs▪ ▪Heartbreak Station▪
C2002 ▪Loud Minority▪ ▪New Religion▪ ▪Riot Avenue▪
D1977 ▪Hysteria▪ ▪Pyromania▪ ▪Adrenalize▪
D1978 ▪Breaking the Chains▪ ▪Tooth and Nail▪ ▪Under Lock and Key▪
D1987 ▪Screw It!▪ ▪Dawn▪ ▪Four the Hard Way▪
D1989 ▪[self-titled]▪ ▪Don't Tread▪ ▪*▪
D1987 ▪[self-titled]▪ ▪Hellacious Acres▪ ▪Pissed▪
E1979 ▪Wings of Tomorrow▪ ▪The Final Countdown▪ ▪Out of This World▪
E1984 ▪Strength▪ ▪1985▪ ▪Tweaked▪
E1985 ▪Pornograffiti▪ ▪III Sides to Every Story▪ ▪Waiting for the Punchline▪
F1989 ▪Hold Your Fire▪ ▪3▪ ▪Good Acoustics▪
G1985 ▪Appetite For Destruction▪ ▪Use Your Illusion I▪ ▪'The Spaghetti Incident?'▪
H1979 ▪Oriental Beat▪ ▪Self Destruction Blues▪ ▪Street Poetry▪
K1973 ▪Destroyer▪ ▪Rock and Roll Over▪ ▪Love Gun▪
L1983 ▪Love You to Pieces▪ ▪Menace to Society▪ ▪Visual Lies▪
L1983 ▪Cocked & Loaded▪ ▪Hollywood Vampires▪ ▪Vicious Circle*
M1981 ▪Dr Feelgood▪ ▪Shout at the Devil▪ ▪Girls, Girls, Girls▪
M1988 ▪Lean Into It▪ ▪Bump Ahead▪ ▪Hey Man▪
N1982 ▪Dawn Patrol▪ ▪Midnight Madness▪ ▪7 Wishes▪
P1983 ▪Look at What the Cat Dragged In▪ ▪Flesh & Blood▪ ▪Native Tongue▪
#AnswerFormation Year and 3 Albums
Q1970 ▪A Night at the Opera▪ ▪A Day at the Races▪ ▪News of the World▪
Q1973 ▪Metal Health▪ ▪Condition Critical▪ ▪Terrified▪
R1976 ▪Out of the Cellar▪ ▪Invasion of Your Privacy▪ ▪Reach For the Sky▪
R2001 ▪[self-titled]▪ ▪Animal Attraction▪ ▪Spirit▪
S1968 ▪Sweet Fanny Adams▪ ▪Desolation Boulevard▪ ▪Give Us A Wink▪
S1969 ▪Play It Loud▪ ▪Slayed?▪ ▪Nobody's Fools▪
S1983 ▪To Hell With the Devil▪ ▪In God We Trust▪ ▪Against the Law▪
S1986 ▪Slave to the Grind▪ ▪Subhuman Race▪ ▪Thickskin▪
S1987 ▪Look Like Hell▪ ▪Screwed Blued & Tattooed▪ ▪Powertool▪
S1988 ▪Stick It to Ya▪ ▪The Wild Life▪ ▪Fear No Evil▪
S1990 ▪Tangled in Reins▪ ▪Wait▪ ▪Good 2B Alive▪
S2000 ▪Hole Patrol▪ ▪Feel the Steel▪ ▪Balls Out▪
T1967 ▪Electric Warrior▪ ▪The Slider▪ ▪Tanx▪
T1972 ▪Under the Blade▪ ▪Stay Hungry▪ ▪Come Out and Play▪
T1982 ▪Mechanical Reasonance▪ ▪Bust a Nut▪ ▪Psychotic Supper▪
T1983 ▪Young and Crazy▪ ▪Bezerk▪ ▪Banzai!▪
V1974 ▪1984▪ ▪Fair Warning▪ ▪Diver Down▪
V1980 ▪Rev It Up▪ ▪Tangerine▪ ▪Live and Learn▪
V1981 ▪[self-titled]▪ ▪Heading for a Storm▪ ▪Alibi▪
W1978 ▪Trouble▪ ▪Lovehunter▪ ▪Slide It In▪
W1982 ▪The Last Command▪ ▪The Crimson Idol▪ ▪Helldorado▪
W1983 ▪Fight to Survive▪ ▪Pride▪ ▪Big Game▪
W1984 ▪Cherry Pie▪ ▪Dog Eat Dog▪ ▪Ultraphobic▪
W1987 ▪In the Heart of the Young▪ ▪Pull▪ ▪IV▪
Y1974 ▪Struck Down▪ ▪Earthshaker▪ ▪Black Tiger▪

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