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rival of the turtle hermit
has a grudge with North Kai
would be the strongest in the universe is he trained as hard as his dad
born on the same day as Goku
Gohan's alter-ego
Lives on Fire Mountain
First to fight Z-fighters one year after Goku's first death
wishes for immortality
Red Ribbon leader killed by Mercenary Tao
Australian alien?
second person to kill the eternal Dragon (indirectly)
Trains his former rivals son
larger pupil of the champ
Trains Goku to use his senses
Goku subs in to fight him for a sick martial artist
first opponent to face Goku in the world martial arts tournament
gets lost and needs help getting back to the Sea
Fake intergalactic fighter killed by Trunks
The Champ
defeats Yamcha in Devil's Toilet
Majin Buu's true form
first person Goku kills
Promises Goten one of his toys
Dog that was shot by a cruel man
Doesn't like to transform
First to face Goku as Super Saiyan 2 (he explodes due to Goku's power)
mini versions of a major villain
clone of former saiyan villain
enters tournament under the name Shin
Accidentally leads Z fighters back to his lab
Redneck villain
tells Goku how to escape from Hell
potora fusion that never ended
decapitated by the Saiyan Prince
killed and eaten by Yajirobe
Goku's best friend
carries Goku back from Muscle Tower
killed by fighter on level one of the spaceship
flirts with Gohan at school
first person to reach the end of Snake Way
girl from snowy village near muscle tower
Landed in a Spaceship in Yunzabit heights
fat martial artist who needs a bath
Android with a ponytail
witnesses Goku's space ship leave planet Vegeta
Gives three eyed fighter his scar on his chest
Desert Bandit who has trouble talking to girls
Goku wishes his dad back to life
Says that Gohan will never free the Z-Sword
defeated by Goku with one punch
loses to Goku in a race on her bike
Tries to find Piccolo, Trunks and Goten
Easily beaten by Goten in tournament
gives Goku the Flying Nimbus
Breaks Yamcha's leg in the tournament
teaches Goku about spirit energy in another time
Villain who travels back from the Future
inventor of dyno-caps
learns to fight from Goku
Gohan teaches him to dance
hunts martial artists for his master
Female lacky of short blue emperor
Kills his creator to avoid being deactivated
young child with healing powers
easily defeated by Krillin in Tournament in DBZ
He is in need of a body
short blue emperor
really fast girl in strange village
Self-proclaimed King of Comedy
tries to seduce Goku
tells the Saiyan Prince the Truth about his home planet's destruction
fabled villain defeated by Kami
leader of the Spice boys
giant monster who was split in half (didn't kill him)
informs saiyan prince of his master's trip to Namek
warrior from planet Voon that is killed by Vegeta
Goku hit him with a hammer
picks on Gohan when he first goes to school
Ninja Dog
Largest of Bojack's henchmen
loses to Goku in two different tournaments
first person to be revived by the Dragon
Goku removes his sword from the doorway to the Demon World
Kai with a boombox
first victim of the Big Bang Attack
lets Goku use his flying machine
His ultimate move had no effect on the pure hearted Goku who asks him to do an orange one next time
Would have beat Buu if he wasn't too cocky and foolish
shape-shifting pig
named after her father' ex-girlfriend, but spelled slightly differently
gets the power to see into the future
he keeps almost losing his head
clever elder who destroys scouters
Guru's guardian
Crushed while inside his space pod
green member of Cooler's armored squad
competes in martial arts tournament at age 2
Red Ribbon leader of Muscle Tower
easily defeated by Trunks in tournament
fusion of a Kai and a witch
Gohan's apprentice
you don't want her to sneeze
Bojack's female follower
thought he was the fastest in the universe
asks Trunks to see his sword and then attacks him with it
age old villain killed by Supreme Kai
takes over Bulma's body
is destroyed by Goku in Muscle Tower
defeated by Goku with one kick after he drinks the ultra divine water
Has bigger 'balls' than counter-part from Earth
Goku look alike
tells Goku to kill 100 humans
tallest of four lower Kais
last villain to die in first Cooler movie
Turtle Hemrit's sister
first fusion of Goku and Vegeta (chronologically)
biggest spice boy
shows Gohan a magical music box
almost entirely wipes out human race
wacky inventor's pet
beaked minion of of King Piccolo
teaches Chi-Chi how to be a good wife
Goku tells his short friend to spare him
Mr Satan's old rival
Krillin's first girlfriend
Female Warrior in Bardock's team
kills the eternal dragon after his wish is granted
intentionally eaten by Majin Buu
Original owner of Bardock's red headband
vampire with boxing gloves
Krillin pulls Bulma's shirt down to help Yamcha beat him
tries to win a match by stripping
girl Gohan meets during his ten days break before Cell Games
carries Goku up Korin's tower when he is hurt
Main Character
smallest of Bojack's warriors
Learns to fly after he turns into a Super Saiyan
Wanted the Dragonballs to wish for a boyfriend
has his brain exploded
turns good when sent to heaven
black finalist in DBZ tournament
ladies man pupil of the champ
the innocence within Majin Buu is because of him
Android that later wears Capsule Corp Logo
he counts to ten and your out
homosexual general
the reason Gohan enters the Tournament
gives Trunks his sword
ladies man finalist in DBZ tournament
The Saiyan King
short Android
predicts Goku's greatness by his warrior cry as a baby
uses the Thunderflash Attack
eats himself
Eternal Dragon removes a bomb from her chest
bull-like spice boy
kills leader of the Red Ribbon army
needs water for his village
second person to wish for eternal youth
fixes the bracket of tournament using telekinesis
Vegeta's daughter
shape-shifting cat
Short leader of an evil army
killing machine with a weakness for candy
Goku mistakes him for King Kai
sealed away in a star by all four Kais
Short red spice boy
Hercules like hero in otherworld
grants any one wish (later 2)
steals money from Red Ribbon army as it collapses
is knocked out and replaced by two kids
protects the sacred water
makes Vegeta cry
turtle hermit's alter ego
wishes his master free from his frozen imprisonment
goes with Goku to find Bansho fan
Kami possesses his body and fights in the tournament
destroys barrier between Earth and otherworld
ditsy trophy wife
gives a dragonball to Krillin
Green Fox that calls Goku brother

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