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Hi, John. Bye, John.
Don't rain on my hot guy parade.
His name is Stefan Salvatore. He's a Gemini and his favorite color is blue.
Very Emerson, the way you reveal your soul. So many... adjectives.
I'm worse than shallow. I'm a kiddie pool.
She's my sister. I'd die for her.
Even if I can't remember why, I still feel empty, alone. Making me forget won't fix it.
Can I get you a drink? I hear the punch is real boss.
We met and we talked and it was epic. But the sun came up and reality set in.
Vampires can't procreate... though we love to try.
Don't look for any redeeming qualities. I don't have any.
Don't you get it? I'm better off without you.
I'm not some drunk sorority chick. You can't roofie me.
We're a team. We could travel the world together. We could try out for The Amazing Race!
All I can think about is blood!
What's so special about this Bella girl? Edward's so whipped!
You made out with his mother and then you beat him to a pulp. You're gonna have to do a little better than 'I'm sorry.'
We'll get our town back. We just have to have patience.
You just don't wanna die, do you?
You saw what I was able to do tonight. I know who I am now.
I hope you're not one of those guys who now that we're together tries to change everything about me.
Don't say anything. You're a d**k. End of story.
I was right about Mystic Falls. There's evil here. I can feel it... everywhere.
[Human life] means nothing to me. It's just being who I am.
If I see something I haven't seen before, I'll throw a dollar at it.

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