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CharacteristicsPersonApproximate Date
Bad roman emperor, started the terrible 3rd century235 CE
Stabilized Rome, made it more regimented and autocratic300 CE
Greek philosopher who wanted to use logic to solve moral/ethical problems5th Century BCE
King of France when he was 9, had to deal with fighting nobles so he brought them to his palace1650
Stoic roman emperor, last of the pax romana180 CE
Wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey, his books were the basis of Greek education800 BCE
Plainchant named after him, started the monastic movement, papal states, allied with Franks600s
King of France, crowned 'new emperor of Rome'800
First protestant, said that salvation comes 'by faith alone'c. 1500
CharacteristicsPersonApproximate Date
Started a new branch of protestants, believed in predestinationc.1550
Greek Philosopher: Theory of ideas, theory of forms500 BCE
Roman Emperor, called himself 'princeps' (1st citizen)30 BCE
Led a huge army and conquered lands for Greece, spreading Greek culture and creating city-states350 BCE
Leader of the Golden Age of Greece5th Century BCE
Pope who started the Crusades1095
Corrupt Roman Emperor, murdered by his own senate44 BCE
Started the Society of Jesus, wrote Spiritual Exercisesc. 1550
Changed capital to Byzantium, Dream of Melvian Bridge leads to the Edict of Milan300 CE

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