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Burning of the ReichstagGerman chancellor
Hurricane Andrew hits MiamiAmerican president
Lady Diana Spencer dies in Paris car crashFrench president
USA boycotts the Moscow Summer OlympicsSoviet leader
Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary scale EverestBritish monarch
U.S. Declaration of Independence is adoptedBritish prime minister
Martin Luther King, Jr. assassinationAmerican president
Suez crisisBritish prime minister
Pearl Harbor attacksAmerican president
9/11 attacksBritish prime minister
Start of World War IIBritish monarch
D-Day landings in FranceBritish prime minister
Handover of Hong Kong to ChinaChinese president
Abolition of apartheid in South AfricaSouth African state president
Start of World War IIBritish prime minister
Start of the American Civil WarBritish monarch
Start of the Korean WarChairman of the Chinese People's Republic
Operation Desert StormCanadian prime minister
Start of the Spanish-American WarAmerican president
Sinking of the General BelgranoArgentine president
Start of World War IAmerican president
Wright brothers flightAmerican president
American embassy in Tehran is occupiedAmerican president

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