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The full title of the foreign minister is the 'Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs'.
The next Commonwealth Games will be held in the United Kingdom.
Chequers Estate is an official residence of the prime minister.
The Scottish Parliament is said to sit at Holyrood.
The national anthem of Wales is known as 'Land of My Fathers'.
The longest-serving prime minister in British history served in the 19th century.
The Speaker, John Bercow MP, is a Conservative MP.
The leader of each devolved nation is known as the Secretary of State for (Nation).
The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Revd. Justin Welby, sits in the Houses of Parliament.
There are four living people who have been prime minister of the United Kingdom.
The British Overseas Territories are a part of the United Kingdom.
The UK has a national ice hockey league.
The first King of the United Kingdom was George II.
The name of the Royal household was changed in 1917 to the Windsors.
Queen Elizabeth II's title prior to ascension was HRH the Princess Elizabeth, Duchess of Edinburgh.
StatementT(rue) or F(alse)Did you know?
Two current MPs in the House of Commons have been prime minister.
Great Britain has participated at every Olympic Games.
The southern-most point in the United Kingdom is Land's End, Cornwall.
There are MPs in the House of Commons who refuse to take their seats.
The northernmost point of the Republic of Ireland is farther north than all of Northern Ireland.
The four constituent countries of the United Kingdom are individually represented at the Olympics.
The Acts of Union between Scotland and England were signed in 1707.
The monarch is Commander-in-chief of the British Armed Forces.
The United Kingdom is a part of the EU, G8, and UN Security Council.
The official residence of the finance minister is 11 Downing Street.
The Crown Dependencies are a part of the United Kingdom.
The term 'Great Britain' is interchangeable with 'United Kingdom'.
The last prime minister who served while a member of the House of Lords was the Marquess of Salisbury.
The general election of 2010 resulted in a victory for the Conservative Party.
The UK has a national association football league.

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