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Who had their first kiss at twelve
What was Niall's imaginary friend's name
What is Zayn scared of
What show were they made on
What animal does Liam love
What is Niall's favorite restaurant
What is Niall's middle name
What is Zayn's religion
If Liam could be any type of food, what would he be
Who does Niall love (initials JB)
What was their debut single
Which boy is the only one who is left-handed
What is Louis and Zayn's star sign
What is Liam's last name
The oldest
Why did the mushroom go to the party
What is Zayn's last name
Where did Zayn go to school
What is Harry's middle name
Where is Niall from
Who has bromidrophobia (fear of BO)
Who is Liam's favorite Friends character
When is Niall's birthday
What did Harry discover when he came to the US
What was one of the first songs they recorded
What is Harry's star sign
Where did the name 'Juan Direction' come from
What is Zayn's middle name
When is Louis' birthday
Who has curls
Who is the joker
Who is the vain one
When is Harry's birthday
What's a strange thing to find in a refridge-federator-fridge
Who is Hughey
Who has acrophobia (fear of heights)
How many kidneys
Who has a fear of rollercoasters
What is the name of their 3-D film
Who dresses like he owns a boat
Who is Luigi
Where is Zayn from
Who's the master of echoes
Where is Liam from
How tall are Harry and Liam
Who is the youngest
Where did Niall go to school
Who has koutaliaphobia (fear of spoons)
What is Louis' middle name
What was the name of the iCarly episode they appeared on
What song did they sing on the first live show
Who is their Buncle
Where is their studio located
How many members of One Direction are there
What is their third album
Who is Barry
When did the Up All Night tour start
Where is Louis from
Where is Harry from
When was This Is Us released on DVD (US)
Who came up with their name
What place did they come in on The X-Factor
What is Louis' last name
Who is Wayne
How was Zayn's name originally spelled
How tall is Niall
Where did Harry go to school
What is their second album
What country are they from
What is Niall's last name
When is Liam's birthday
When were they formed
What is Liam and Niall's star sign
Who is Ian
How many Rs
When was This Is Us released internationally
When was Take Me Home released (US)
Who screams “NO!” JIMMY PROTESTED”
Who's a leprechaun
Where did Louis go to school
Their debut album
When is Zayn's birthday
Who is of Pakistani descent
Louis likes girls who eat
What is their record label
What is Harry's last name
Who changes his hair most-often
When was Midnight Memories released (US)
Harry's worst habit is what
If Zayn could be any flavor of ice-cream, what would he be
Who loves pussy
Who is Kyle, Kitchen Tile and/or Nail File
How tall are Louis and Zayn
Who has a fear of having nothing to eat
Who's a slob
Who is your favorite
Who is Daddy Direction
When was Up All Night released (US)
What is Liam's middle name
When did the episode “iGo One Direction” air
Who could be Harry's dad
Where did Liam go to school
Who was their mentor
Who makes his face look sad when he sings
How many nipples

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