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Electoral CountPresidentWinning Party & Hint
525Republican - Democrat EV Came from DC & Minnesota
523Democrat - Republican EV Came From Vermont & Maine
520Republican - Widest Vote Disparity Between 2 Major Candidates In Election History
489Republican - Republicans Won Senate For The First Time in 28 Years
486Democrat - No Candidate Has Exceeded Popular Vote % Since This Election
472Democrat - Beginning of 'Fifth Party System'
457Republican - Last Election Before Admission of Alaska And Hawaii
449Democrat - 22nd Amendment Made This a Unique Election
444Republican - One Term President, Lost Next Election In Landslide
442Republican - Last Election Until 2008 Where Neither an Incumbent President or Vice President Was Candidate
435Democrat - Last Election Where Runner Up Was Neither Democrat nor Republican
432Democrat - Last Election Democrat Carried Every Southern State
426Republican - Last VP Elected President
404Republican - Largest % Of Popular Vote Margin Since 1820
382Republican - First Election Where Amerindians Were Allowed To Vote
379Democrat - Last Election When a Democrat Won Louisiana
370Democrat - Won with 43% of Vote
365Democrat - 3rd time a sitting senator was elected
336Republican - First Person Elected to Full Term After Ascending To Presidency
332Democrat - Lost North Carolina After Winning It In Previous Election
321Republican - Only President To Later Be Chief Justice of Supreme Court
303 Democrat - Won Despite Chicago Daily Tribune Prediction
303Democrat - Only Non-Protestant President
301Republican - Won With Just Over 43% of Vote
297Democrat - No Democrat Has Performed As Well In The South Since
292Republican - Assassinated 10 Months Later
286Republican - Opponent Died Before Electoral College Cast Its Votes
286Republican - Last Election Where Iowa Went Republican
277Democratic - First Two Term Democrat Since Reconstruction
Electoral CountPresidentWinning Party & Hint
277Democratic - Next Two Term Democrat After Answer Above
271Republican - Election ended the Third Party System and began the Fourth Party System.
271Republican - Possibly The Most Controversial Election In History
254Democrat - Last Election With Major Whig Candidate
234Whig - Beat Martin Van Buren
233Republican - In Between Grover Cleveland's Two Terms
231Democratic-Republican - Last Time Candidate Ran Effectively Unopposed
219Democratic - First Two Term Democrat
219Democratic - First Democrat Elected Since 1856
214Republican - First Election After Civil War
214Republican - To date, the smallest popular vote victory in American history
212Republican - Ran Against George B. McClellan
185Republican - Winning Candidate Lost Popular Vote. Election Ended Reconstruction.
183Democratic-Republican - Last President Who Was a 'Founding Father'
180Republican - First Republican President. Won with 39.8% of the Vote.
178Democrat - Beat John Quincy Adams
174Democrat - First Election With Major Republican Candidate
170Democrat - Only Presidential Election Where Winning Candidate Lost Birth and Home States
170Democrat - Only Election in which a vice-presidential election was thrown into the United States Senate.
163Whig - Last Whig Elected President
162Democratic-Republican - George Clinton was winning VP (for the first time)
132Non Partisan - That's the only clue you'll get!
128Democratic-Republican - Ran Against George Clinton's Nephew
122Democratic-Republican - Different President, But Same VP (George Clinton Again!)
84Democratic-Republican - Winning Candidate Lost Electoral Vote.
73Democratic-Republican - Election Ended In a Tied Electoral Vote
71Federalist - Only Federalist President
69Non Partisan - That's the only clue you'll get!

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