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Which course in Lancashire will host the Open Golf Championship in 2012
Two cricket teams are touring England in 2012, South Africa is one, name the other
When did London last host the Summer Olympics
In 2009 in a Manchester Publicity League Match, a Chorlton Villa player was booked for doing what while an opponent took a penalty?
‘I capable fool’ is an anagram of which football manager?
There are 336 dimples on a regulation sized what?
How many succesive strikes must you bowl in a game of 10 pin bowling to get the perfect score of 300?
Which stadium will host the first event of the Olympics when it hosts a Woman’s football match on Wednesday 25th July?
The 2002 comedy film ‘Blackball’ centres around which sport?
Who is the only Englishman to appear in the Rugby World Cup final 3 times?

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