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It is universally acknowledged that she almost died of typhus at eight years old.
The first time he saw Shirley Held, he fell madly in love with her.
She learned to Use--Dashes and Slant Rhyme--at Mount Holyoke--Family--Seminary
He behaved badly at Magdalen College, not understanding the importance of earnestness.
Like one of his characters, he had epilepsy; unlike that character, he was the second-oldest, not fourth-oldest brother.
Just like all happy families, his wife Sophia proof-read his novels.
He was born in Union County, not Yoknapatawpha.
Things fell apart for this author when he got a second-class university degree.
God, he hated that phony girl Oona O'Neill when he was dating her.
He called the cigarettes that he smoked, 'a classy way to commit suicide.' So it goes.
This chelloveck had a horrorshow time with his droogs at St. Edmund's Elementary School.
He didn't find no humor in his brother's 1858 death while he was a-workin' on the river.
Working at Blacking Warehouse was among his worst of times as a child.
He was born in Chicago. He liked to fish. And drink beer.
Although his date of birth is still unknown/In April we do note his great renown
He had two sisters, so he never had the experience of having a big brother.
When drawing a portrait of this artist as a young man, we should remember he was afraid of dogs and thunderstorms.
He received an operation to correct an eye condition, but it didn't help him with the fatwa problem.

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