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Can you name the country by their subtitles in Our Dumb World?

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Nobel Prize Winner For Great CheekbonesEurope
Badly In Need Of A SaviorNorth America
A Shortcut With Its Own National AnthemNorth America
Ruled By LemursAfrica
The Largest Land Mass On EarthNorth America (The Colony of a European Country)
Where The Reading Rainbow EndsAfrica
Would Trade It All For A Little More KashmirAsia
Preventing Argentina From Enjoying The Pacific Ocean Since 1818South America
Wait, This Might Be ParaguaySouth America
Where The Streets Are Paved With SkullsAsia
No Child Left AliveAfrica
For The United States, See Pages 9-22North America
Totally Out Of This Atlas Section As Soon As The EU Accepts ThemMiddle East
Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Select, StartNorth America
As Seen On Animal PlanetOceania
A Blood Diamond Is ForeverAfrica
A Human Assembly LineAsia
Enjoying a Three-Century SiestaEurope
Where Everything Is LegalEurope
A Hotbed Of Islamic LaxtremismAsia
A Beautiful Nazi Retirement CommunitySouth America
Must Be 18 Years Or Older To EnterEurope
What Are You Looking At?Europe
Where Dirt Gets The Death PenaltyAsia
The Haiti Of EuropeEurope
They Had It ComingMiddle East
A Forward-Thinking Post-Apocalyptic NationAfrica
People At Their Most Beautiful, Humanity At Its UgliestSouth America
South Africa's South AfricaAfrica
All Better Now Thanks To YouAfrica

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