Sunday Night Current Events 5/6/2012

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The career of this New York Yankees pitcher may have ended after he tore his ACL this week.
Beastie Boys founding member Adam Yauch, also known by this stage name, died of cancer this week.
A WHO study released this week indicated that the US's score on this public health indicator was lower than that of any western European country.
Al Qaeda militant Fahd Mohammed Ahmed al-Quso was killed by US airstrike in Yemen this week. He was wanted in connection to the 2000 bombing of what naval destroyer?
This NBA team was swept by the Oklahoma City Thunder in four games, ending their quest for a second-straight title.
This foreign policy advisor resigned from the Romney campaign this week, possibly because of pressure from anti-gay activists.
The killing of Osama Bin Laden by US Navy Seals occurred one year ago this week in what country?
Name the Socialist leader who ousted sitting President Sarkozy in France's Sunday election?
These two universities, located only a few blocks from each other, announced this week that they would create a partnership called edX to offer free online courses from both insitu
US Vice President Joe Biden caused a stir this week by publicly stating his personal support for this controversial policy proposal.
Name the Chinese human rights activist who made headlines this week after he sought asylum in the US in an international incident that resulted in the activist's acceptance of a po
This yearly horse race was held on Cinco de Mayo this year.

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