all the minor scales?

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Can you name the all the minor scales??

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Scale NameScale Tones
F# natural minor
Eb melodic minor
E melodic minor
C# harmonic minor
F natural minor
B melodic minor
G melodic minor
C melodic minor
B harmonic minor
F# melodic minor
C natural minor
D natural minor
E harmonic minor
Bb natural minor
C# melodic minor
Ab natural minor
A harmonic minor
G natural minor
Scale NameScale Tones
C harmonic minor
Ab melodic minor
F harmonic minor
Eb harmonic minor
Eb natural minor
A natural minor
D harmonic minor
G harmonic minor
F melodic minor
Bb harmonic minor
A melodic minor
E natural minor
C# natural minor
F# harmonic minor
Bb melodic minor
B natural minor
Ab harmonic minor
D melodic minor

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