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It's so small...
Where did the poster of Headmaster Zefron go?
Red Vines...What the hell can't they do?
There's no way we're losing to Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Jigglypuff.
I… am a racist. I despise gingers, and mudbloods, I hate gryffindor house, and my parents work for the man who killed your parents, do you want to be my friend?
To bad you were joking Professor. Because I could have given you one of your most adventurous nights of your life
This must be the emotion you humans know as... blood!
'I wanted to take your mom's boobies and put them on my face, and go: BLGHBLRRGHBLRBGHLRGHBL!!!'
I got this scar when I was a baby. I was in the car with my parents when we crashed… into a crocodile. My parents got eaten, but then the crocodile took out a knife and gave me t
I undo the latches and let the diaper fall into the potty. Yes, father will hear of this
What do you want, you horrid b*tch?!

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