Financial Accounting Ratios (Durham BAF)

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Can you name the Financial Account Rations (Durham BAF)?

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RatioFormulaExtra Information
Gross Profit Ratio (Profitability)
Net Profit Ratio (or Operating Profit Margin)
Return on Capital Employed
Current Ratio (Liquidity)
Acid Test Ratio
Operating Cash Flows to Maturing Obligations (Efficiency)
Average Inventory Turnover Period
Average Settlement Period for Trade Receivables
Average Settlement Period for Trade Payables
Operating Cash Cycle
Revenue to Capital Employed
Revenue per employee
Earnings Per Share (EPS) (Investment)
RatioFormulaExtra Information
Dividend Cover (Times)
Dividend Yield Ratio
Price Earnings Ratio (P/E Ratio)
Return on Total Capital Employed (ROCE)
Return on Ordinary Shareholder's Funds (ROSF)
Gearing/Leverage (Stability)
Gearing (Elliot and Elliot)
Interest Cover
Contribution Per Unit
Total Contribution
Contribution Margin Ratio (CMR)
Calculate Required Revenue for Break Even Point Using CMR

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