Lead Villains from Dragonball Z/GTmovies

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Can you name the Lead Villains from Dragonball Z/GTmovies?

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Movie NameLead VillainHero Who Defeats Villain
Dead ZoneGohan
The World's StrongestGoku
The Tree of MightGoku
'Villains Name'Goku
'Villains Name's RevengeGoku
Return of 'Villains Name'Goku and Vegeta
'Villains Name'!Goku
Movie NameLead VillainHero Who Defeats Villain
'Villains Name' – The Legendary Super SaiyanGoku
'Villains Name' UnboundGohan
'Villains Name' - Second ComingGoku, Gohan, and Goten
Bio - 'Villains Name'Goten and Trunks
Fusion RebornGogeta
Wrath of the DragonGoku

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