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'The spectacle of the prolonged pasturing on each other's lips was beastly enough on stage... repeated three times over it is absolutely disgusting.' - Unknown.1896, William Heise
'To put such creatures in a picture and before the public is unthinkable.' - Viewer response.1932, Tod Browning
'highly - even dangerously - indecent' - Joseph Breen1933, Gustav Machatý
'The only really satisfactory way to dispose of [this film] would be to flush it down the nearest sewer. Even then the stench would remain.' - Derek Hill1960, Michael Powell
'one of the most disgusting murders in all screen history. It takes place in a bathroom and involves a great deal of flushings of the lavatory.' - C. A. Lejeune1960, Alfred Hitchcock
'treats the hideous depredations of that sleazy, moronic pair as though they were as full of fun as the jazz-age cut-ups in Thoroughly Modern Millie...' - Bosley Crowther1967, Arthur Penn
'In a mere 90 minutes this horror film (pun intended) casts serious aspersions on the integrity and social responsibility of its Pittsburgh-based makers...' - Variety1968, George A. Romero
'the most persistently sadistic and morally rotten film I have seen. It was a degrading experience by which I mean it made me feel dirty.' - Alan Bennett1968, Michael Reeves
'a grand fiesta for sadists and perverts' - Judith Crist1971, Ken Russell
'fascist medievalism... a right-wing fantasy [that is] a remarkably single-minded attack on liberal values' - Pauline Kael1971, Don Siegel
'Any liberal with brains should hate [title]...for the trend that this film represents. An alert liberal should recognize the voice of fascism.' - Fred M. Hechinger1972, Stanley Kubrick
'[a] feast of carrion and squalor... a nadir of decadence... a Sodom and Gomorrah gone wild before the fire' - Judge Joel J. Tyler1973, Jerry Gerard
'[I] felt the power of evil buried within the celluloid of the film itself' - Billy Graham1973, William Friedkin
'it's a despicable movie, one that raises complex questions in order to offer bigoted, frivolous, oversimplified answers.' - Vincent Canby1974, Michael Winner
'It is a movie so sick, reprehensible and contemptible that I can hardly believe it's playing in respectable theaters...' - Roger ****1978, Meir Zarchi
'[It] isn’t just artistically bad, it’s also offensive in its gratuitous scenes of torture and perversion.' - Siskel & ****1979, Tinto Brass
'It's quite humbug to say that this is not a ridiculing of the founder of the Christian religion, and of the incarnation.' - Malcolm Muggeridge1979, Terry Jones
'the latest offering from one of the most despicable creatures ever to infest the movie business.' - Gene Siskel1980, Sean S. Cunningham
'Poisonous morally and spiritually, it is worthless as art or entertainment... it is devoid of redeeming merit' - Steven D. Greydanus1987, Martin Scorsese
'I thought it was absolutely outrageous that [it] won four Oscars... it was about the evisceration, the skinning alive of women. That is what I find offensive.' - Betty Friedan1991, Jonathan Demme
'I was angry and embarrassed when I listened to the lyrics... I could only hope that the audience was not paying close attention...' - Candace Lighnter1992, Ron Clements & John Musker
'[It] is vulnerable on almost every level: taste, seriousness, even the public safety risk of promulgating such a perverted creed' - Alexander Walker1996, David Cronenberg
'an inadmissible assault on personal decency... an irresponsible attraction to promote in a community like ours.' - Alexander Walker1999, David Fincher
'pairing homophobia with misogyny...[it is] yet another family movie that perpetuates damaging gender and sexuality norms.' - Natalie Wilson2010, Lee Unkrich

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