Latin Verb Conjugation

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Can you name the Latin verb conjugation ending? (Active and Passive)?

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Active, Indicative, Present
Active, Indicative, Future (1/2 conj.)
Active, Indicative, Future (3/3-i/4)
Active, Indicative, Imperfect
Active, Indicative, Perfectperfect stem +...
Active, Indicative, Future Perfectperfect stem +...
Active, Indicative, Pluperfectperfect stem +...
Active, Subjunctive, Present
Active, Subjunctive, Imperfectinfinitive +...
Active, Subjunctive, Perfectperfect stem +...
Active, Subjunctive, Pluperfectperfect stem +...
Active, Imperative, Singular and Plural
Active, Infinitive, Present, Perfect & Future
Active, Participle, Present and Future
Active, Gerund
Active, Supine
Passive, Indicative, Present
Passice, Indicative, Future (1/2 conj.)
Passive, Indicative, Future (3/3-i/4)
Passive, Indicative, Imperfect
Passive, Indicative, Perfectsingular/plural passive +...
Passive, Indicative, Future Perfectsingular/plural passive +...
Passive, Indicative, Pluperfectsingular/plural passive +...
Passive, Subjunctive, Present
Passive, Subjunctive, Imperfectinfinitive +...
Passive, Subjunctive, Perfectsingular/plural passive +...
Passive, Subjunctive, Pluperfectsingular/plural passive +...
Passive, Imperative, Singular and Plural
Passive, Infinitive, Present, Perfect & Future
Passive Participle, Perfect
Passive Gerundive
Deponent, Present, Indicative and Subjunctive
Deponent, Future, Indicative
Deponent, Imperfect, Indicative and Subjunctive
Deponent, Perfect, Indicative and Subjunctive
Deponent, Future Perfect, Indicative
Deponent, Pluperfect, Indicative and Subjunctive
Deponent, Imperative, Singular and Plural
Deponent, Infinitive, Present, Perfect & Future
Deponent, Participles, Present, Perfect & Future
Deponent, Gerund
Deponent, Gerundive

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