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Can you name the Missing Words in the Steven Spielberg Films?

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Film TitleMissing WordYear
Close Encounters of the _______ Kind1977
___________ Divide1981
E.T. : The _________-Terrestrial1982
_______ Zone : The Movie1983
Indiana Jones and the Temple of _____1984
Room _____1984
The Color ________1985
_______ Sherlock Holmes1985
The ________ Pit1986
Joe ______ the Volcano1990
Film TitleMissing WordYear
Roller Coaster ________1990
Cape _______1991
_______ List1993
________ Private Ryan1998
The _______ Days1998
________ Sky2001
Memoirs of a _______2005
The Shark is Still ________2006
Real _______2011
_____ 82011

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