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Can you name the correct nouns that go in place of the bodily functions to fix these proverbs?

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Two *burps* don't make a *fart*
The *sneeze* is mightier than the *cough*
Keep your *coughs* close and your *hiccups* closer
A *burp* is worth a thousand *yawns*
*Burps* can't be *farts*
One man's *yawn* is another man's *sneeze*
A *fart* saved is a *fart* earned
You can't judge a *burp* by its *cough*
Don't put all your *coughs* in one *sneeze*
Two *hiccups* are better than one
A *sneeze* is only as strong as its weakest *fart*
Absence makes the *fart* grow stronger
A *cough* in the hand is worth two in the *yawn*
Where there's a *burp* there's a *hiccup*
An ounce of *sneeze* is worth a pound of *fart*
Old *farts* die hard
Like *fart*, like *burp*
His *yawn* is worse than his *hiccup*
*Fart* hath no fury like a *cough* scorned
When life gives you *hiccups* make *sneeze*

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