The Big Bang Theory: Animals According to Sheldon

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Can you name the animals based on these Sheldon related clues?

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CluesAnimalsSheldon Quotes
This animal chased Sheldon up a tree when he was young.
This animal chases Sheldon because he has hotdogs in his pants.
Sheldon's first memory includes this bird dive-bombing him for his apple juice.
This animal is stolen from Sheldon's WoW character when his account is hacked.
This bird biefly sits in Sheldon's spot.
Sheldon puts this animal in Raj's desk to try to scare him, but fails.
Sheldon gets a clowder of this animal and names one Zazzles.
Sheldon planned on giving this theoretical animal to himself on his 300th birthday.
CluesAnimalsSheldon Quotes
Sheldon's girlfriend works on getting this animal addicted to cocaine.
Sheldon loses a bet to Howard regarding this animal.
Sheldon's uncle, Carl, is killed by this animal, spawning the acronym KBB.
Sheldon says he may be overly fond of this animal and even has a special face for them.
Sheldon combines this animal with luminous jellyfish dna to create a night-light.
Sheldon puts this animal in Leonard's food as an experiment.
This animal sings out of tune with the windchimes outside Sheldon's new office.
Sheldon wanted to create this mythological animal to replace his dead cat, Lucky.

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