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Can you name the types of sea-going ships, both ancient and modern?

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FeaturesShip Type
Common whaling vessel with two masts with square rigged sails
Three-masted vessel adaptable to either lateen or square rigged sails, used by Columbus
Ship armed with cannon, like a galley, but propelled mainly by sail
Square-rigged, two masted warship
Standard vessel for trade and exploration in mid-16th century Europe, Spanish origin
Three-masted square-rigged warship with two full decks
Ships with two or more masts, both with fore- and aft-sails
Largest of the Viking vessels and used as war-ships
FeaturesShip Type
Greek sailing vessel with single square sail
Wooden ships of composite construction sheathed in thick iron plates
Traditional Arab sailing vessel with one or more lateen sails
Vessel primarily used by the Barbary Corsairs with three lateen-rigged masts
Large, three- or four-masted multi-decked sailing vessel used by European nations during the Age of Exploration
Long, fast ship with three or four masts used after the Napoleonic Wars in trade
Small, maneuverable warship used for coastal patrol
Greek vessel with three rows of oars on each side of Phoenician origin

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