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DefinitionMythological Term
eager desire to possess something; greed
wild enthusiasm or excitement
warrior; from the Roman God of War
the sea personified; the Roman God associated with Poseidon, god of water and oceans
a play of colors producing rainbow effects
someone who tries to fashion someone into the person he desires
good humored; to express surprise or agreement
to bully
most vulnerable spot on a person; on weakness a person may have
a symbol of immortality or rebirth
DefinitionMythological Term
some creature of inspiration
majestic in manner, superior to mundane affairs
being in love with our own self-image
very strong or of extraordinary power; son of Zeus
omniscient; all-seeing
the human soul, self, and mind
large, grand, enormous; giant son of Zeus and Elara
a bitter white, crystalline alkaloid used to relieve pain and induce sleep
a predatory person or nagging woman
poetic inspiration; named after a winged horse

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