Civilizations by Historical Leader

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Can you name the civilization or country by historical leader?

Updated May 23, 2015

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LeaderCountryYears Leader
Benito Mussolini1925-1943
Mao Zedong1945-1976
Charles de Gaulle1959-1969
Hosni Mubarak1981-2011
Fidel Castro1959-2008
Otto von Bismarck1871-1890
João Figueiredo1979-1985
Nelson Mandela1994-1999
Catherine II (the Great)1762-1796
Charlemagne (Charles I)800-814
LeaderCountryYears Leader
Xerxes I486 BCE - 465 BCE
Genghis Khan1206-1227
Gustav II Adolf 1611-1632
Haile Selassie I1930-1974
Indira Gandhi1980-1984
António de Oliveira Salazar1932-1968
Kim Jong-il1994-2011
Shaka kaSenzangakhona1816-1828
Kurmanbek Bakiyev2005-2010
Yasuhiro Nakasone1982-1987

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