Opening Lines of Blink 182 Songs

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Opening LinesSong
It's Alright To Tell Me What You Think About Me
Breathing Deeply, Walking Backwards
It's Hard to Wake Up
In My Car I Just Can't Wait
He Pauses Shaving and He Tell Himself That He Is The Bomb
I Know I'm Pathetic
I've Been Here Before A Few Times
All The Small Things
Never Found Out Why You Left Him
White Girl Living in the City
I Talk To You Every Now and Then
I Never Thought I'd Die Alone
I Took Her Out It Was A Friday Night
Home Show, Mom Won't Know
Opening LinesSong
Hanging Out Behind the Club On The Weekend
Hey Mom, There's Something in the Backroom
From The Walls Of Tokyo
Hello There, The Angel From My Nightmare
Gotta Lotta Heartache
Everything Has Fallen To Pieces
Yeah My Girlfriend Takes Me Home When I'm Too Drunk To Drive
On and On, Reckless Abandon
I Hear The Phone, It Rings So Violently
I've Got No Regret Right Now
I Didn't Mean To Deceive You
Crossed The Street Naked At Night
I'm Sick Of Always Hearing

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