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Can you name the hair band behind these songs. (Should be fairly easy for a hair metal fan)?

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Song TitleBand
Why Call It Love
Long Way To Love
Hit And Run
Shot Heard 'Round The World
Can't Stand The Heartache
Rebel With A Cause
That Kinda Girl
Don't Stop Runnin'
Back To The Cave
Starry Eyes
Coming Of Age
The Lady Wore Black
Sweet Little Loving
Change In The Weather
Riot On Sunset
Commercial Suicide
In And Out Of Love
Anything Goes
Song TitleBand
Coming Home
Only The Young
Miss Mystery
Want Some, Need Some
The Wild Life
Hide Your Heart
Charmed Life
In The Sticks
Will The Sun Rise?
Hard As A Rock
Trouble In Paradise
Out With The Boys
Dirty Boys
Stand Up (Kick Love Into Motion)
Lights, Camera, Action
Kittens Got Claws
When I'm President
Don't Treat Me Bad

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