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I guess you are not | Here to talk about the past | Mister hitting coach
That Rich Lederer | Thinks a lot of your curveball, | Nederland native
Satch called you 'Nancy' | Before you scouted Carter? | You were right on time.
Stole a watch from Ruth? | You helped a young Willie Mays, | Didn't finish last
The impossible! | A home run on two bum knees. | I don't believe it.
Stranger to the Game | Throwing on a broken leg. | Pitching coach? No dice.
Awaken, centaur! | Drop the F-bomb on V-tek!| No clutch? No problem!
Success eludes this | Gyro man who is not Greek. | Take your sweet-ass time.
Quiet superstar | Curving balls around the sun: | Take your day of rest.
Put on your straw hat. | Turn toward One Hundred Thousand. | Wave that lineup card.
Blass in post-season. | Hey, don't call it a comeback!| Splash hit - redemption.
Two years, five innings? | You've turned the worms to dust, so | Chase the Texas sun.

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