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ActorMoviesTotal Gross as of 1/10/11
Tom Hanks $415,004,880
Johnny Depp $334,191,110
Robert Downey Jr.$312,433,331
Kristen Stewart$300,531,751
Leonardo Dicaprio$292,576,195
Daniel Radcliffe$287,661,770
Steve Carell$251,384,620
Mike Myers$238,736,787
Jay Baruchel$217,581,231
Jaden Smith$176,591,618
Mandy Moore$175,779,496
Sam Worthington$163,214,888
Adam Sandler$162,001,186
Jeff Bridges$148,212,420
Will Ferrell$144,674,384
Dev Patel$131,772,187
Leonardo Dicaprio$128,012,934
Ben Stiller$123,687,760
Will Ferrell$119,219,978
Angelina Jolie$118,311,368
Johnny Knoxville$117,190,300
Ashton Kutcher$110,485,654
Matt Damon$110,035,157
Russell Crowe$105,269,730
Sylvester Stallone$103,068,524
ActorMoviesTotal Gross as of 1/10/11
Zach Galifiankis$99,652,532
Steve Carell$98,711,404
Sarah Jessica Parker$95,347,692
Denzel Washington$94,835,059
Liam Nessen$94,532,196
Jesse Eisenberg$94,077,470
Ben Affleck$92,186,262
Jake Gyllenhall$90,759,676
Bruce Willis$89,842,937
Brandon T. Jackson$88,768,303
Katie Featherston$84,723,156
Julia Roberts$80,574,010
Chris Pine$80,023,247
Channing Tatum$80,014,842
Bradley Cooper$77,222,099
Tom Cruise$76,423,035
Dan Aykroyd$75,436,771
Paul Rudd$73,026,337
Jennifer Aniston$67,061,228
Chloe Moretz$64,003,625
Nicolas Cage$63,150,991
Jackie Earle Haley$63,075,011
Miley Cyrus$62,950,384
Benecio Del Toro$61,979,680
Mila Kunis$61,218,504

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