Adjusted American Cities

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Can you name the most populous American cities by density?

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DensityCityAdjusted Population
27735 /sq mi
17459 /sq mi
13330 /sq mi
12558 /sq mi
11520 /sq mi
9766 /sq mi
8667 /sq mi
7889 /sq mi
6563 /sq mi
6296 /sq mi
5515 /sq mi
4327 /sq mi
4216 /sq mi
4028 /sq mi
3981 /sq mi
DensityCityAdjusted Population
3897 /sq mi
3794 /sq mi
3658 / sq mi
3401 /sq mi
3087 /sq mi
2927 /sq mi
2839 /sq mi
2489 /sq mi
2238 /sq mi
2212 /sq mi
1471 /sq mi
1207 /sq mi
1206 /sq mi
1061 /sq mi
960 /sq mi

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