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ClueCharacter NameYear Appeared
Disney Character1940
'Irish Bug'1985
Appears in Cape Fear1962
Dan Castellaneta (voice)1987 (tv)
James Earl Jones (voice)1977
James Gandolfini (actor)1999 (tv)
Robert DeNiro (actor)2000
Appears in 'My Girl'1991
Trey Parker (voice)1997 (tv)
I am.....2001
bronto crane operator1960 (tv)
Incredibly Strong2004
Father of a Middle Child2000 (tv)
blue collar bigot1971 (tv)
Sean Connery (actor)1989
Daniel Craig (actor)2006
Russell Crowe (actor)2000
Father from the future1984
Marlon Brando (actor)1972
It's a Wonderful Life1939
Tom Hanks (actor)2002
Cross dresser1993
Dustin Hoffman (actor)1979
ClueCharacter NameYear Appeared
Appears in 'A Time to Kill'1996
Gregory Peck (actor)1962
Apears in 'On Golden Pond'1981
Eugene Levy (actor)1999
Don Cheadle (actor)2004
On the Road2010
James Earl Jones (voice)1994
Wealthy Uncle1990 (tv)
Daniel Day Lewis (actor)2007
Jack Nicholson (actor)1980
Lawrence Fishbourne (actor)1991
Injured Police Detective1993 (tv)
Cartoon Bull Dog1942 (tv)
David Schwimmer (actor)1994 (tv)
uk TV Dad who sits on his 'Arse'1998 (tv)
that 70's Dad1998 (tv)
Mike Judge (voice)1997 (tv)
Steve Martin (actor)1987
Seth MacFarlane (voice)1999 (tv)
Cynical shoe salesman1987 (tv)
Mike Myers (actor)1997
A fish called...2004

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