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Josephine, Pierre, Deaf-Mute, Ragpicker, Prospector
George, Martha, Honey, Nick
Willy, Linda, Biff, and Happy Loman; Charley, Uncle Ben, The Woman
Emily Webb, George Gibbs, Stage Manager
Mercutio, Lady Capulet, Benvolio, Rosaline
George, Maggie, Henry, and Gladys Antrobus; Sabina
Blanche DuBois, Stanley Kowalski, Stella Kowalski
Reverend Parris, Abigail Williams, John Proctor, Reverend Hale, Tituba
The Father, The Mother, The Step-Daughter, The Boy, The Child
James, Mary, Jamie, and Edmund Tyrone
Garçin, Estelle, Inez
Tom, Laura, & Amanda Wilkingson; Jim O'Connor
Vladimir, Estragon

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