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11994|Tim Robbins
21972|Marlon Brando
31974|Al Pacino
41966|Clint Eastwood
51994|John Travolta
61993|Liam Neeson
71957|Henry Fonda
82010|Leonardo DiCaprio
91975|Jack Nicholson
102008|Christian Bale
111980|Mark Hamill
122003|Elijah Wood
131954|Toshiro Mifune
141999|Brad Pitt
151977|Mark Hamill
161990|Robert De Niro
171942|Humphrey Bogart
182002|Alexandre Rodrigues
192001|Elijah Wood
201968|Henry Fonda
211954|James Stewart
221981|Harrison Ford
231999|Keanu Reeves
241960|Anthony Perkins
251995|Kevin Spacey
261991|Jodie Foster
271995|Morgan Freeman
281946|James Stewart
292010|Tom Hanks
302000|Guy Pearce
312002|Elijah Wood
321950|William Holden
331994|Tom Hanks
341994|Jean Reno
351964|Peter Sellers
361979|Martin Sheen
371941|Orson Welles
381959|Cary Grant
391999|Kevin Spacey
401998|Edward Norton
411976|Robert De Niro
421991|Arnold Schwarzenegger
431998|Tom Hanks
441958|James Stewart
451979|Sigourney Weaver
462001|Audrey Tautou
472008|Ben Burtt
482001|Daveigh Chase
491980|Jack Nicholson
501957|Kirk Douglas

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