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You are joined by ______ and Bianca
Grass starter pokemon
Driftveil's leader _______
Zebstrika's type
Chargestone Cave Plasma Sage
Tepig's final evolution
Use a sunstone to evolve Petilil into....
Unova Pokedex number 0
Mamepato is the Japanese name for...
Rufflet evolves into...
This game's Professor..
Purrloin is _______ type
Another name for Driftveil Drawbridge?
Which route is the department store on?
What season can you not buy a CasteliaCone?
Champion Alder's Ice Type Pokemon?
Zekrom and ______
Tornadus, Thundurus and _____
Yamask is ______ type
HintAnswerMessage letters
How many battles to complete the Single Battle Subway?
What move type is Hyper Beam?
What colour is a shiny Chandelure?
Larvesta evolves into....
Name the two Pokemon found in Celestial Tower
Boldore's very annoying ability?
Audino gives off 2 EVs in....
What gender is Throh?
What level does Tympole evolve?
Name UnovaDex Pokemon 152
Shapeshifting Pokemon's second evolution
Oshawott evolves into ______ at level 17
If you pick _____, Bianca's starter will be Snivy
Who can you battle on the 22nd floor of the GAMEFREAK building?
You can get a Rocky Helmet in the C_____ S______
HM06 Dive is received in which town?
Terrakion is found on V______ R______?
Krookodile either has the ability Intimidate or ______?
Catch Crustle on Route ____
What can be found on 4F of the Abyssal Ruins?

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