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He lives in a trashcan.
Spokes-character for brand of frozen vegetables. Often seen in leafy toga.
The most famous ogre in pop culture today.
You won't like him when he's angry...
This character, figure out, you will.
Mary Shelley's monster. Usually depicted in this color.
Jim Henson's most well-known muppet.
Simpsons' aliens from Rigel VII bent on the conquest of earth.
Even with musical redemption, she still gets nasty around jewel-encrested footwear. Just don't get her wet.
Clay TV figure from 1955-1989.
Pizza-loving reptiles with a rat for a trainer.
Rugrat's dinosaur.
Red-headed monster from Street Fighter
Marvin the Martian's pet dog.
He doesn't like christmas or any who-cheer.
Co-host of educational christian kid's show, with Bob as the other host.
Fictional ghost with multiple chins. Who you gonna call?
Dragon Ball character that is not to be confused with a tiny flute
Jumping slime that resulted from an experiment done by Robin Williams
Long-tongued nintendo character. Often shown as a plumber's pet.
Classic Spider-man villain. Armed with pumpkin bombs, a glider, and some added insanity.

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