Zelda Game by Plot

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Can you name the Zelda game by plot?

Updated Mar 6, 2013

How to Play
What HappensThe Game
A sword breaks, You get an informative hat.
It's your Birthday! Celebrate by sailing.
Collect pendants, save maidens, and briefly become hopping mad (pun intended)
There's only 2 pieces of Triforce and Ganon is wreaking havoc in Hyrule
Lots of past dramas, time travel, and a giving tree
An imp from another dimension rides your back while you save both worlds
A Princess has a dream and you lose 7 years of your life
Zelda dies and you start workin' all the live-long day
One Link, Two Link, Three Link...
There's a skull kid, a salesman, and the end of the world
You're above the clouds and you help those below
A ghost ship. A ghastly blade. Is it a dream come true?
Find instruments and Mario cameos to awaken a trippy whale
You're quartered and Ganon is making evil clones
Zelda is asleep! wake her with crystals!
A temple is sucked underground and a giving tree helps restore the seasons

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