Ocarina of Time Dungeon by Description

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Can you name the Zelda Dungeon by Description: OoT?

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How to Play
What HappensThe Dungeon
Cut a lot of awkward-looking ceiling ornaments while the floors and walls move
Either guessing where everything is or regularly using your magnifying glass
A very long staircase and minibosses' reunion. Then help the princess exit through the showering debris
Quite possibly the scariest place you'll go as a child.
Time travel and light redirection
Boots on. Boots off. Boots on. Boots off. Boots on... Did I forget something?
Lighting a scary amount of torches in a vastly wooded area while learning the basics
Free the Rock People!
Here, you really just blow stuff up... a lot.
Hunting some deceased sisters, and twisting things around
It's really, really, cold.

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