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CharactersTV ShowTime Period
Blue, Magenta, Steve1996-2002 [With Steve]
Mother Bear, Grandfather Bear, Emily1995-2001
Max, Emmy, Cassie, Ord1999-2005
Tommy, Chuckie, Angelica1991-2004
Helga, Gerald1996-2004
Eliza, Sir Nigel, Donnie1998-2004
Otto, Reggie, Sam, Twister1999-2006
Dexter, Dee Dee1996-2003
CharactersTV ShowTime Period
Bubbles, Blossom, Buttercup1998-2005
Captain Brainstorm, April, Bobby, Fuchsia1999-2004
Peanut, Baby Butter, Jelly1998-2000
Luna, Tutter, Pip & Pop1997-2007
Zowie, Spot1998-2006
Jay Jay, Tracy1998-Present
Juli, Kiki, Leon, Ben, Skye, Jody1994-1998
Ickis, Oblina, Krumm1994-1997

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