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God or Godess of...God/GodessFamily
the sunDaughter of Mundilfari; guides the sun on it's course
poetry, thought, logic, battle, and deathKing of the Norse Gods
war and justiceSon of Odin and the giant Hymir; bound the wolf Fenrir
the moonSon of Mundilfari; guides the moon on it's course
all godessesOdins wife
love and lightSon of Odin and Frigga; killed by brother Hod
the dead and the afterlifeDaughter of Loki; she is the ruler of Helheim, the realm of the dead
mischief and deceitthe son of two giants
winter, justice, vengeance, and the huntWife of Njord
sky, thunder, fertility, war, and strengthSon of Odin and Fjorgyn; husband of Sif

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