Gods of Norse Mythology

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Can you name the Gods of Norse Mythology?

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God or Godess of...God/GodessFamily
all godessesOdins wife
the sunDaughter of Mundilfari; guides the sun on it's course
winter, justice, vengeance, and the huntWife of Njord
the moonSon of Mundilfari; guides the moon on it's course
mischief and deceitthe son of two giants
war and justiceSon of Odin and the giant Hymir; bound the wolf Fenrir
sky, thunder, fertility, war, and strengthSon of Odin and Fjorgyn; husband of Sif
love and lightSon of Odin and Frigga; killed by brother Hod
poetry, thought, logic, battle, and deathKing of the Norse Gods
the dead and the afterlifeDaughter of Loki; she is the ruler of Helheim, the realm of the dead

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